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LEGOUX(SA) is a dynamic Consulting Engineering company mainly focused in the field of power engineering. Our main expertise is in the design and project management of overhead power lines, substations, and overhead reticulation. LEGOUX(SA) also specializes in the development and design of structural steel structures.

The LEGOUX(SA)'s engineering team consist out of skilled transmission line, electrical and mechanical engineers with over 30 years of specialized experience.


LEGOUX(SA)’s knowledge, experience and innovative attitude enable the company to strive for creative, cost-effective and practical solutions for any endeavor we undertake. 


Our service and professionalism is our main priority and we will strive to maintain long-term relationships with our clients and partners in the energy sector.

Overhead power lines design services, Fiber optic’s for overhead power lines, substation design
  • Overhead power lines 11-400kv design services

  • Fiber optic’s for overhead power lines

  • Substation design 33kv-132kv
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Core Management Services, Project management, Quality management
  • Project Management

  • On Site Quality Management

  • On Site Technical Management

3D Model CAD services, 3D design drawings, Manafacturing drawings
  • 3D Model CAD service

  • 3D Design Drawings

  • Manufacturing Drawings

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