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Who are we?


The LEGOUX(SA)'s engineering team consist out of skilled transmission line, electrical and mechanical engineers with over 30 years of specialized experience.


LEGOUX(SA)’s knowledge, experience and innovative attitude enable the company to strive for creative, cost-effective and practical solutions for any endeavor we undertake. 


Project lists and personnel CV’s will be provided on request.



Passion for customers, for our partners, and for innovation.


Honesty and Integrity.


Taking on big challenges and

seeing them through.


Constructive self‐criticism,

self‐improvement, and personal excellence.


To maintain our uniquely personal culture and core values of supporting employees, quality of services, positive attitudes, financial viability, and community improvement.


To uphold an entrepreneurial spirit that allows for the proactive adaptation and evolution of our services and methods that are harmonious with changing client needs.


We are a learning organization, focused on competence enhancement and people development.


To provide a training platform to ensure continual skills transfer.


Our Mission is to be a focused Consulting Engineering company, delivering efficient, practical, reliable and cost-effective services to promote electrical infrastructure growth in Southern Africa.

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